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Frequently Asked Questions

Are SOROR products naturally formulated?

Instead of a traditional method of promotion Stephen Beauty and Cosmetics relies on the integrity of its carefully Vegan formulated product line created with cruelty-free, paraben-free, chemical-free, all natural, and vegan-friendly.

Does SOROR have skin care products?

SOROR is the first makeup and skin care line under Stephen Beauty and Cosmetics. We have a skincare products for men and women.

Where are Stephen Beauty and Cosmetics products formulated?

Stephen Beauty and Cosmetics products are formulated in Canada.

What does SOROR mean?

Soror is a Latin Noun that means sister. Ref: Oxford Latin Dictionary

Can I follow Stephen Beauty and Cosmetics on social media?

Stephen Beauty and Cosmetics has the following social media:

Instagram: satashastephen

Twitter: @SatashaStephen

facebook: Stephen Beauty and Cosmetics

YouTube: @stephenbeautyandcosmetics

Pinterest: Stephen Beauty and Cosmetics

How long does it take for products to ship?

It generally takes 7-13 days from purchase to receive your order.

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